New Zealand rapper Tom Francis buzzing ahead of Auckland performance with Snoop Dogg

Tom Francis and Snoop Dogg.
Tom Francis and Snoop Dogg. Photo credit: TomFrancissounds / Instagram

New Zealand musician Tom Francis is buzzing after finding out he is performing with Snoop Dogg at his Auckland show on Saturday night.

Francis, who has a song called 'Lifestyle' with the rap legend, told Newshub he only just found out he would be performing with him.

"I only found out yesterday. We had to travel back from the States and then through Australia before coming back to NZ," Francis told Newshub.

Newshub asked what Francis has in store for the show at Auckland's Trust Outdoors, he said "we will be performing our track 'Lifestyle' but people will have to wait and see what else might happen".

He said performing with Snoop Dogg was a "good opportunity" for him and he had recently caught up with him at one of his shows in Australia, so he was excited to see him again.

Appearing on The Project in 2021 after the release of his track 'Lifestyle' with Snoop Dogg, Francis explained how he went from selling firewood to collaborating with one of the biggest rap stars of all time.

"I was just doing firewood, working in forestry cutting trees down and stuff like that, typical Hawke's Bay kind of stuff. I was making music at the same time and was trying to fund it all," he said.

"I went over to LA to work on my second album, The Follow Up... I was in a studio with my sound engineer and I said 'man I really want some heavy beats'... and he was like 'one of my boys, he's a really good producer, he works with Snoop Dogg and stuff'."

That producer was KJ Conteh, who made a call to Snoop saying the pair should meet, which led to the collaboration together.

"He's amazing dude, really cool to work with, super humble," Francis told The Project.

Francis has been overseas working on new music and a new album will be released "really soon".

When Newshub asked if there could be another single with Snoop Dogg out in the near future, he said the 'Gin and Juice' rapper is one of many people he is collaborating with for his new album.

You can follow Francis' music journey at @TomFrancissounds on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.