Prince Andrew reportedly refuses to leave Windsor mansion after King Charles tells him to move out

Prince Andrew is reportedly refusing to leave his 30-bedroom mansion in Windsor after his brother King Charles told him he would need to move out.

King Charles has planned budget cuts to royal finances and offered the disgraced Duke of York Frogmore Cottage, which Prince Harry and Meghan were recently asked to leave.

"Prince Andrew feels like this move is a downgrade," Royal insider Kinsey Schofield told Fox News Digital.

"He is insulted. He feels like he's being punished. He is resentful.

"This is the King trying to wrap up the Andrew and Harry drama before his coronation. He wants to put all scandals behind him."

The Mirror UK said the Duke of York's home needs millions in repairs on top of its annual upkeep, and it's unclear if Andrew can afford this.

However, despite the King asking Prince Andrew to leave the mansion in Windsor, sources close to the Duke of York said he will "dig his heels in" and won't move out without a fuss.

The Mirror UK instead reports he has offered to help run some of the Royal Family's estates including the late Queen Elizabeth's Balmoral Castle.

The Duke of York is said to have pleaded with his brother for a "top role" and insisted taking responsibility for the properties would help offer him a way back into being a working royal.

An inside source said: "Andrew is insisting on having a job despite being made to stand down from his duties and now he's being kicked out of his home," Mirror UK reported.

"He's of the opinion that he is still a senior member of the family, despite not being a working royal and deserves to be treated as such."

The inside source said despite this the King has a different view and told his brother "there is no chance of that happening".