Prince Harry told King Charles is 'too busy to see him' after surprise return to the UK for court case - report

Prince Harry has reportedly been told King Charles is "too busy to see him" after he flew from the US to appear in a lawsuit taken against the publisher of the Daily Mail paper over years of alleged phone-tapping and privacy breaches.

The Telegraph reported the King was too "busy" even though the planned state visit to France, which had been due to begin on Monday, had been cancelled three days earlier after violence broke out in the country.

Charles is believed to be at his Highgrove estate making preparations for a visit to Germany, which is due to happen on Wednesday (UK time).

The Telegraph also reported Harry had been in contact with Charles prior to the surprise appearance in court to let him know he was coming to the UK.

Harry, who is said to have flown in alone, also won't be catching up with his brother Prince William and wife Princess Catherine as they and the children have gone away for the UK school holidays.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are at their estate in Norfolk.

Harry is expected in court again after King Charles' coronation weekend as he's part of a group of high profile figures suing the Mirror Group Newspapers over allegations of phone hacking.

He's expected to give evidence at the planned High Court trial which begins on May 9, leading to further speculation he will attend his father Charles' Coronation weekend on May 6 in some form.