Rob Brydon could be about to get a dog - thanks to Ryan Bridge and New Zealand

UK comedian Rob Brydon has said his visit to New Zealand has added "further fuel to the fire" in his decision to get a dog for his family back home.

On AM ahead of his Rob Brydon - A Night Of Songs & Laughter tour in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, the Gavin and Stacey star confessed he'd seen Ryan Bridge walking his dog at Auckland's waterfront on Wednesday - and it had prompted him to seriously consider adding a canine to their family.

Bridge also admitted he'd seen Brydon while at the waterfront while walking his own beagle dog Fanny but hadn't said hello as he didn't want to be "creepy".

"I saw a beagle go by," Brydon, who owns two cats already, said.

"I want a dog, but I'm worried whether there's too much involved. Am I missing out on something? Even looking at your beagle as you promedaded by, I genuinely remember seeing a beagle go by because you don't see many beagles and looking at it and thinking 'aaah.'"

AM co-host Melissa Chan-Green asked if Bridge's dog had convinced Brydon.

"It added fuel to the fire. I can imagine the conversation on the phone with my wife."

Watch the video above.