The Project co-host Kanoa Lloyd takes her make-up off live on air after discussion about unrealistic beauty standards

  • 02/03/2023

The Project co-host Kanoa Lloyd has revealed her "real face" live on air after a discussion about social media filters inspired the television presenter to wipe off her make-up.

The show was discussing with Kiwi social media star Jess Quinn the new hyper-realistic filters emerging on the social media app TikTok and the unrealistic beauty standards it promotes.

The discussion prompted Llyod to take her make-up off, saying it's not normal for people to have that much make-up on all the time and people shouldn't compare themselves to it.

"It does strike me that I can't really sit here and say, 'Yeah that's bad, filters are bad', while I've got a full face of TV glam that I get every night before I come into your lounge and hang out with you," Lloyd said.

"So I'm going to take my make-up off."

Watch the video above.