Kiwi actor Sam Neill 'back at work' after being in remission from blood cancer

Kiwi actor Sam Neill says he's "feeling good" and has returned to work after being in remission from stage 3 blood cancer for eight months. 

The 75-year-old has released a memoir Did I Ever Tell You This? filled with blockbuster tales after 53 years in the movie industry. 

Speaking from the Gold Coast, Neill told The Project he's "back at work" and just returned from tennis lessons.

"Things are great. Good to be back at work."

Neill, born Nigel John Dermot Neill, also touched on why he changed his name to Sam - a fact he wrote about in his book. He said it isn't because he has anything against Nigels.

"I just feel desperately sorry for other Nigels, because it is the wettest name on the planet."

From The Project's calculations, Aotearoa is home to 5000 Nigels - although Neill doubts that.

"I think you're probably over-raking it. Five thousand Nigels in New Zealand is an exaggeration. I'd put it at 50, 52 perhaps," he jokingly told The Project.

Watch Neill's full interview on The Project above.