Meghan's plan to stay away from King Charles III coronation a relief as 'Sussexes are unpredictable' - report

Kate, Harry and Meghan smiling and waving to a crowd
Kate, Harry and Meghan won't be reunited at the King's Coronation. Photo credit: Getty Images

A respected royal commentator claims the news Meghan Markle plans not to be present at the upcoming coronation of King Charles III next month will be a relief to the Princess of Wales.

He told the Daily Mail had Meghan attended the event, it "would have been particularly uncomfortable for Kate", following claims in Harry's tell-all memoir Spare.

The rumour mill began in 2018 that the soon-to-be sister-in-laws had argued over a bridesmaid dress fitting for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding. 

It was claimed the feud broke out after issues with Princess Charlotte's outfit, and this was seemingly confirmed when Prince Harry leaked excerpts of a passive-aggressive text conversation between the pair in his book. 

Harry claimed the Princess of Wales texted his wife four days before their wedding, ordering Meghan to change the dresses as they didn't fit well.

Harry wrote he was "horrified" to find his soon-to-be wife "on the floor sobbing" after he'd arrived home not long after the fiery text exchange.

Harry said he told her he believed "Kate hadn't meant any harm".

The Daily Mail reported the Princess of Wales visited the following day with flowers and a card to apologise, but other sources say it was a gesture to keep it "classy" that would help "keep the peace".

An insider told Us Weekly in January that Kate was "appalled" at Harry for seemingly dragging her name through the mud in the book and was disappointed William hadn't defended her.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told MailOnline: "King Charles will undoubtedly be pleased that both his sons will be represented at his coronation. It is, after all, quite literally the crowning moment of his life.

"He had the longest period as Prince of Wales in our history and he used it wonderfully well for the benefit of others. Camilla is wonderfully supportive and also is doing important charitable work.

"Meghan will be with Archie on his fourth birthday. This is probably an ideal compromise. 

"For months I hoped for reconciliation but after Spare, the interviews promoting it and the Netflix docuseries it is obvious that this is highly unlikely to happen and that the Sussexes' rift with the Royal Family is very serious.

"The Sussexes are unpredictable. Their endless attacks on the Royal Family have been extremely damaging.

"They have affected its popularity especially among the young."

It is believed Harry will not play a major part in the coronation, nor will he be allowed on the Buckingham Palace balcony at the event. Charles has already indicated only "working royals" will be present during the balcony appearance.

Buckingham Palace and a spokesperson for the couple confirmed Harry would attend the May 6 event while Meghan would remain in California with the couple's two young children.

Their eldest, Archie, turns four on the same day.

It's thought Harry will only stay in the UK for the duration of the ceremony, before flying back home again to Montecito to be with his family to celebrate his son's birthday.