Ryan Bridge tells AM co-host Melissa Chan-Green to 'enjoy her six month holiday' as she goes on maternity leave

AM host Ryan Bridge has cheekily told his co-presenter Melissa Chan-Green to "enjoy her six-month holiday" as she headed off on maternity leave on Friday.

Chan-Green said departing to have her second baby felt "very surreal" in the final moments of the show.

"We spend a lot of time together and I'm really going to miss you," Bridge told her.

He then went on to add that "it took a while" to get accustomed to working with her, noting she was "so annoying to begin with".

"Everyone annoys him so I'll crack him eventually," Chan-Green replied.

"I will miss everybody in here so much," she said.

"Watching AM and TV3 at the early hours of the morning kept me going [when I had my first child]," she revealed.

Bridge then told her he'd got her a "song-a-gram" from Auckland entertainers The Happy Birthday People, which celebrated the fact she was going on "holiday" - a fact he'd been teasing her with since the revelation she was pregnant.

In November, Chan-Green revealed live on air she was pregnant with her second child.

Joined on the couch by her three-year-old son Busby, Chan-Green asked him to help her with the announcement.

"Now Busby, we've been rehearsing something at home haven't we? We've been practicing because mummy's had a little secret," she said.

"Do you want to say in mummy's microphone, what's mummy's secret?"

"Having a baby," Busby whispered. 

Laura Tupou will take Melissa Chan-Green's place on the AM couch from Monday.

Watch the AM video above.

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