Self-proclaimed secret son of King Charles wants DNA tests from Prince William and Prince Harry to back his claims up

Simon Dorante-Day wants to use legal avenues to get DNA tests from William and Harry.
Simon Dorante-Day wants to use legal avenues to get DNA tests from William and Harry. Photo credit: Facebook / Getty

An Australian man who claims to be King Charles' "secret son" says he is launching a legal battle to get DNA tests from Princes William and Harry to prove he is right.

Queenslander Simon Dorante-Day told 7Life he was determined to get the answers he wanted.

Back in 2021, Dorante-Day made headlines around the world after alleging he was Charles and Camila's secret love child who was adopted out as a baby.

But after 10 years of trying to get DNA tests from Charles and Camilla, he's now revealed he's taking another route to hopefully provide answers.

"Compelling DNA paternity tests from William and Harry has always been part of the overall plan," Dorante-Day told 7Life.

"There are obvious visual differences between the three of us that many people have already highlighted. In fact, people often state I look more like Charles than either of them and it won't be just facial appearance that justifies that.

"There are many other areas including ears, hands, fingers, feet, toes, head shape, hair colour and body structure to be considered as justification. Furthermore, it would also identify that others were well aware of the situation and part of the bigger game that's been played.

"At the end of the day, it's about getting to the bottom of who's pushing the buttons in my life – who’s really done what?" 

In 2021, Dorante-Day appeared on UK daytime TV, claiming the Royal Family had had his teeth and eyes altered to conceal his true identity. 

The Perth grandfather claims Camilla is his real mother and kept him until the age of eight months old, using the royals and various protection offers to keep him a secret.

He also claimed that Charles and Camilla conceived him in 1965 when Charles was 17 and Camilla was 18, a long time before they even began their affair. People magazine said the King and Queen Consort didn't begin their affair until 1986, some 21 years after Dorante-Day claimed they'd met.

When he was getting too old to hide, Dorante-Day claims it was arranged that one of the Queen's former staffers would have her daughter adopt him.

At the age of eight months, he was adopted by a local couple named Karen and David Day. His adoptive grandparents, Winifred and Ernest Bowlden, had both worked for the Queen and Prince Philip in one of their royal households. Ernest Bowlden also received an Imperial Service Award.

Dorante-Day's grandmother told him many times that he was Camilla and Charles' child. "She didn't just hint at it, she told me outright," he said.

Buckingham Palace has never commented on Dorante-Day's claims.