'Grim Reaper' figure at King Charles' coronation identified

The identity of a Grim Reaper figure seen at King Charles III's coronation over the weekend has been revealed.

As Charles was crowned during the ceremony, TV footage panned up in Westminster Abbey to show a mysterious black-hooded character holding a long stick walking past an open doorway during the proceedings.

Many jumped online to voice their fears Charles' time on the throne would be short.

"Anyone else just notice the Grim Reaper at Westminster Abbey?" one said.

"Diana getting her revenge," one wrote.

"Queen Elizabeth bout take her crown back," another added.

Some had joked it was actually Meghan Markle in disguise.

Video of the moment quickly went viral with one post on TikTok quickly gathering 8.8 million views.

However, Newsweek has now confirmed the hooded figure heading past the Abbey doorway wasn't Death himself, but rather a verger from the Abbey carrying out part of his job during the ceremony.

A verger is a member of the abbey community who assists with religious services but who is not a member of the clergy - and he could have been carrying one of the bishop's staffs during the service.

Newsweek also reported hundreds of additional staff and helpers were engaged on the day to ensure the smooth running of the event.