Kanoa Lloyd tells Jason Momoa he could 'take' her husband, would be willing to help him move to New Zealand

The Project host Kanoa Lloyd has told Fast X star Jason Momoa she'd be willing to help him settle in New Zealand - if he was able to off her husband, that is.

Lloyd was interviewing Momoa, 43, ahead of the Auckland premiere of his new movie when she asked him if he'd applied for citizenship in Aotearoa.

"No, I haven't tried yet, but I just was gonna keep bringing movies down here, and then from there, once I find that spot…" he said.

Momoa confessed he was considering possibly somewhere in the South Island, because he liked the cold.

Lloyd then propositioned Momoa, saying she'd help him relocate - but with a catch. 

"Look, I just wanted to say like I am really happily married to a great guy, but I reckon you could take him and then after a short period of mourning, I'd be really happy, just to help you for the culture," she said.

Laughing, Momoa told her: "You're my in."

Watch the video from the Project above.