King Charles coronation concert: Tom Cruise, the Muppets, Katy Perry, Winnie the Pooh join in the fun

Thousands have gathered outside Windsor Castle in the UK for the King's coronation concert, where a host of stars ranging from Katy Perry to Lionel Richie have all played in celebration.

The show's wrapped up now with a finale from boyband Take That, but here are the highlights of the coronation concert spectacular.

Hugh Bonneville's joke makes the King cringe

It wouldn't be an opening speech without a couple of jokes at the host's expense.

And Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville didn't let the chance slide, opening proceedings by telling the crowd of King Charles' love of working on a canvas.

"He himself is a painter, an artist… The artist formerly known as prince," he said.

While Charles was seen laughing right away at the joke, he then grimaced; a moment which was caught on camera.

"Pa, we're all so proud of you"

Prince William gave a heartfelt tribute to the King, his dad.
Prince William gave a heartfelt tribute to the King, his dad. Photo credit: Getty Images

Prince William delivered a heartfelt speech to his father, Charles, recapturing some of the sentiment the two share.

However, William also joked the speech would be short, saying: "But don't worry, unlike Lionel, I won't go on all night long."

He also paid tribute to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

"As my grandmother said when she was crowned, coronations are a declaration of our hopes for the future. And I know she's up there, fondly keeping an eye on us. She would be a proud mother."

William also highlighted the work Charles has done for the past 50 years, saying he'd "dedicated himself to the service" and that he'd been at the forefront of the world's environmental concerns, "long before it was an everyday issue".

"Pa, we are all so proud of you."

Tom Cruise tells Charles he can be his wingman

The Hollywood Maverick appeared in a video with all manner of celebrities - from Bear Grylls to Pierce Brosnan - extolling the King's virtues, and highlighting some of the work he's done through the years.

Seen flying in a plane, Cruise said: "Pilot to pilot, your Majesty, you can be my wingman anytime" before smiling, waving and flying off.

Winnie the Pooh tries to upstage Paddington Bear

While Paddington Bear was the star of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations back in 2022, it was another bear who appeared at Charles' celebration.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet appeared in an animated segment, in which Pooh educated Piglet about the king's love for animals.

"Oh Piglet, Christopher Robin told me His Majesty loves red squirrels so much he sometimes give them names and lets them into his house. I believe the squirrels are rather fond of His Majesty too."

Katy Perry raves about bringing "her mom"

Katy Perry at the coronation concert.
Katy Perry at the coronation concert. Photo credit: Getty Images

Fresh from an awkward near fall and a seeming inability to find her seat at the actual coronation, pop star Katy Perry took to the stage toward the end of the show - and even managed to get the royals dancing to her song, 'Firework'.

"I am so happy to be here with you people, I love you so much. I am so happy to celebrate this whole weekend - I got to bring my mom, she was so happy to be here," she said.

"I would like to dedicate this next song to the King and to the work we get to do together for the British Asian Trust and the Children's Protection Fund. Thank you for bringing out the firework in so many young people."

Kermit the Frog upstages the Duke of Edinburgh

Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville may have been MCing the evening, but he couldn't escape the shadow of his TV life - especially when two of the most famous Muppets arrived on stage.

Unexpected guests Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog interrupted Bonneville, with Kermit telling him: "We're actually looking for our seats, you know, we're in the Royal Box."

Asked if he was sure, Miss Piggy replied: "I'm sure moi is - Oh Kermit it's him, a lord, a real lord! Can you believe moi is not yet a lady? Ah, I've always wanted to... Wait a second, are you single your lordship?"

"Lady Piggy! It sounds so right, doesn't it?" Miss Piggy said, while Kermit asked for directions to the Royal Box, with Miss Piggy saying: "King Charlesy-Warlesey is expecting him!"

A few moments later when Take That were playing, Kermit could be seen in the royal box, in front of Prince Edward, waving a Union Jack flag.