Mike Tyson claims Jamie Foxx suffered stroke when he had 'medical complication'

Mike Tyson claims Jamie Foxx suffered stroke when he had 'medical complication'
Mike Tyson has made a claim Jamie Foxx had a stroke. Photo credit: Getty Images

Mike Tyson has claimed Jamie Foxx is recovering from a stroke.

The Oscar-winning actor was hospitalised in Atlanta, Georgia in mid-April after suffering a "medical complication", and earlier this month, his daughter Corinne revealed that her father had "been out of the hospital for weeks" and is "recuperating".

While details around Jamie's health remain under wraps, during a recent appearance on the PBD Podcast, Tyson indicated the 55-year-old had experienced a stroke - a life-threatening medical condition that happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.

"He's not feeling well. They said a stroke. I have no idea what happened to him," he commented.

"Hey listen, we can't anticipate our next breath. We don't know when we're going to die. After we leave this, bad stuff could happen."

In addition, Tyson noted that it remains unclear if Jamie will still portray him in a planned TV biopic about his life.

"Well, it was a possibility. I don't know what's going to happen now. But, you know, it's a strong possibility," the boxing legend added.

"Because, you know, Jamie's closer to my age, so in order to do him, they were going to do what they did with (2008 movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). They were going to make him look younger."

According to editors at TMZ, Jamie is now in Chicago receiving medical treatment in a facility which has been billed as the top physical medicine and rehabilitation centre in America.