Newshub's award-winning Europe correspondent Lisette Reymer reflects on 2023

  • 30/05/2023

Newshub's award-winning Europe correspondent Lisette Reymer has reflected on 2023 so far after winning major media awards at the weekend. 

Reymer and her former Europe camera operator Daniel Pannett won the best coverage of a major news event with their work on the Ukraine War at the 2023 Voyager Media Awards at the weekend, Reymer also won best reporting.

Joining AM on Tuesday morning, Reymer said "It all just feels like a blur".

"You look at it and think 'woah that's not my life'. You just try and hold on."

She said covering major news events feels like a "whirlwind".

"Post coronation, I had a day in the park and I just like read, and then my mind started wondering and I was like 'gosh I've had a wild year already this year and it's only the end of  May'."

She said sometimes after "crazy scenarios" the camera will stop after a live cross and she'd "step aside and cry".

Watch her full interview above.