Nick Cave addresses backlash over decision to attend King Charles III's coronation

Nick Cave has defended his decision to take up an invite to King Charles III's coronation.
Nick Cave has defended his decision to take up an invite to King Charles III's coronation. Photo credit: Getty Images

Nick Cave has defended his decision to accept an invitation to King Charles III's coronation.

In the latest edition of his Red Hand Files newsletter, the Bad Seeds singer addressed the backlash he'd received about his decision to attend the British monarch's coronation ceremony as part of a delegation representing Australia.

"I'll make this a quick one because I've got to work out what I am going to wear to the Coronation," Nick joked, before responding to fans.

"I am not a monarchist, nor am I a royalist, nor am I an ardent republican for that matter; what I am also not is so spectacularly incurious about the world and the way it works, so ideologically captured, so damn grouchy, as to refuse an invitation to what will more than likely be the most important historical event in the UK of our age. Not just the most important, but the strangest, the weirdest."

The rocker, who has lived in the UK on and off since 1980, acknowledged that the debates around the abolition of the monarchy are "interminable but necessary" but admitted that he holds "an inexplicable emotional attachment to the Royals".

"I'm just drawn to that kind of thing - the bizarre, the uncanny, the stupefyingly spectacular, the awe-inspiring," he continued.

"And as for what the young Nick Cave would have thought - well, the young Nick Cave was, in all due respect to the young Nick Cave, young, and like many young people, mostly demented, so I'm a little cautious around using him as a benchmark for what I should or should not do. He was cute though, I'll give him that."

King Charles III's coronation will be held at Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday 6 May.