Paddy Gower Has Issues: Feral cats are 'dangerous pests' and like possums, stoats should be hunted

OPINION: There is stuff out there that I have no Issues with. 

Tonight I have "no issues” with the North Canterbury Hunting Competition. 

This fantastic event starts in exactly one month's time. There are 30 days to go.

Now a warning to any cat lovers out there: I need you to hear me out here. 

This competition had a plan to let hunters aged under 14 go out and shoot some "feral" cats with the funds raised going to Rotherham Primary School to get a new pool. 

And they got hammered for being cat killers, and were forced to cancel that bit. 

It went global, and even Ricky Gervais got in on the pile-on. Well, I say, get out of it Gervais. You know nothing about our country and even less about our cats. 

Because I actually support the hunting of "feral" cats. 

Yes - feral cats. Feral.

  • There are estimated to be up to 2.5 million feral cats in New Zealand. 2.5 million.
  • They are not strays. They are wild cats from the day they are born.
  • They get big - up to 7 kilograms.
  • And they kill our kiwi and our Kākāpō, and our beautiful native skinks. They're absolute stunners and they're critically endangered thanks to feral cats. 

Short-tailed bats. I'm on your side. Because here's what just one cat did to 107 of you.  

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Feral cats are a dangerous pest just like possums, rats and stoats. But they are not even included in Predator-Free 2050

That is nuts.

Kids in New Zealand hunt and they hunt safely, under supervision. This is a reality. It's a way of life for many families. 

And if they are going to hunt possums, rabbits, all these pests, then surely when they're out there in the wilderness, and they see a wild feral native bat-killing cat, they can hunt that too.

I need to be clear. I'm not against moggies or any house cats. I understand that your cat Twinkles or Misty is special   

But feral cats are not special. They need to die. 

And that's why I have no issues with the North Canterbury Hunting Competition and I hope Rotherham School gets its pool. 

So you got any issues with that? Did I persuade you?

(Ok so it's just me and the skinks and the bats, that's all good.)

Patrick Gower is the host of Paddy Gower Has Issues.

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