Rihanna names baby RZA after Wu-Tang Clan member

It has been revealed 'Umbrella' singer Rihanna named her baby boy RZA, in a move seemingly inspired by the legendary Wu-Tang Clan member.

The Daily Mail reported it had obtained a copy of the boy's "certificate of live birth" documentation which stated his full name is RZA Athelston Mayers.

Rihanna gave birth to the child on May 13, 2022. A$AP Rocky is the father. 

There had been growing fan speculation the baby boy was called Noah, but now fans have noted that a lot of the pictures she posted with her son on Instagram showed her wearing Wu-Tang Clan-inspired clothing.

However, in pictures uploaded to the Daily Mail website, the document contained the words "Informational, Not a Valid document to establish identity" plastered across it.

Rihanna herself has not commented on the news.

In February this year, the singer spectacularly revealed she was having a second child with partner A$AP Rocky during her SuperBowl performance.

With millions watching the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the Kansas City Chiefs, Rihanna began her show by rubbing her belly and seemingly showing off a bump under her costume.

The 'Umbrella' singer seemed to tease the news a week prior to the performance, telling a US morning TV show on Thursday: "I'm thinking about bringing someone. I'm not sure. We'll see."

No guests were brought on stage during the performance.

Shortly after the performance, the singer's representative officially confirmed to Variety magazine she was expecting her second child.