Rolf Harris documentary shows him laughing with Jimmy Savile about leaving young girl in 'his capable hands'

Rolf Harris has been seen joking about a young girl with Jimmy Savile in a new UK doco.
Rolf Harris has been seen joking about a young girl with Jimmy Savile in a new UK doco. Photo credit: Getty Images

A new UK documentary shows disgraced children's entertainer Rolf Harris joking with sex offender Jimmy Savile about leaving a young girl "safely" in his "capable hands."

The footage appears in ITVX show Rolf Harris: Hiding in Plain Sight, which publicity said tells "the extraordinary truth behind the rise and fall of former national treasure Rolf Harris using rare archive and exclusive testimony from those closest to the trial".

In 2014 Harris was sentenced to prison on 12 counts of indecent assault on four female victims, including a girl who was aged under 10. Three years later one of the convictions was overturned by three judges who ruled it "unsafe".

The documentary also features several of Harris' accusers and is said to include "exclusive new testimony" as well as "the unseen evidence that led to his downfall".

It also showed footage from Savile's Jim'll Fix It TV series from the 1970s in which artist Harris was asked if he would grant a child's wish to help with his paintings.

"Come here, turn around, look at the ladies and gentlemen. You see this young lady, sir? She wishes that she could help you with one of your paintings. Do you think that I may leave her in your charge?" Savile said to Harris in the footage.

Harris then replied: "Safely leave her in my capable hands here. I'll just roll my sleeves up."

The child's letter to Savile was also read out.

"Dear Jimmy, I have always wanted to see Rolf Harris doing one of his paintings, please could you fix it for me. Love, Lynn," it said.

Harris reportedly said to Savile after the artwork was finished that Lynn was "anxious to run away". Savile had replied: "She is, I've got fast hold of her here," as Harris added, "You stay here and enjoy it, girl."

There is no report that 'Lynn' had filed any claims of sexual abuse following the incident.

The two-part documentary is due to air in the UK on May 18.