Rose Matafeo is the Junior Taskmaster in brand new UK spin-off series

BAFTA-nominated comedian, writer and actor Rose Matafeo has been announced as the Taskmaster in a new children-focussed spinoff series for the UK.

The New Zealander has already appeared on the ninth series of the adult version of UK comedy show, which is currently overseen by Greg Davies in the role of the Taskmaster and Alex Horne, who is his assistant.

She finished second overall in the series after being beaten by Ed Gamble.

Fellow comedian and former Taskmaster contestant Mike Wozniak will assume the role of helper in the new series.

Contestants on the show are given a wide variety of seemingly-simple tasks to complete and their efforts are scored - and generally mocked - by the Taskmaster.

Publicity for the junior spinoff said Matafeo will be required to oversee "five plucky junior contestants as they complete a series of characteristically bizarre tasks that are designed to encourage and inspire wile, wit, creativity, and athleticism".

"To be appointed as Junior Taskmaster is one of the greatest honours of my already wildly successful career. I am greatly looking forward to the power going to my head," Matafeo said in a statement.

Taskmaster fans have applauded the news online saying Matafeo was "an inspired choice" and one of their "favourite contestants".

"Brilliant choice - looking forward to this immensely," another said.

"This'll be brilliantly chaotic for the kids," another said.

There has been no announcement of when the series will air.

Taskmaster has spawned various global spinoffs, with a New Zealand version of the show overseen by Jeremy Wells and Paul Williams notching up three series.