Vinnie Jones opens up to Patrick Gower about mental health battle after wife's death

Tracked host Vinnie Jones has opened up to Patrick Gower about his mental health battle and depression following his wife Tanya's cancer death in 2019.

The actor revealed one piece of advice he'd been given at his lowest point in a bathroom was the one that stuck with him the most.

Jones said the death was particularly hard on him as it came during a COVID-19 lockdown in the UK..

"I was on my own," he told Gower.

"You are in a dark place, the blame comes, the guilt comes - everything comes.

"It was very much that week that she'd died."

But Jones also revealed the hardest part for him and many other men in similar situations was recognising that you need to get help.

"It's not the getting knocked down, it's the getting up again," he told Gower.

However, he also said a chance encounter with a fan in a bathroom during filming for a Simon Cowell show gave him a brief insight into a way forward.

"He said to me: 'It don't get no easier mate, you'll learn to cope with it'. He was so right."

"My message to other guys [is] at some stage, you've got to draw a line and look forward. The biggest thing for guys I think is the [use of] alcohol. It'll numb it but it's like an anaesthetic, the pain is still there.

"That's what mental health is - you try to numb it with weed or with alcohol, whatever it is. There ain't no substitute for it, you gotta get help, you gotta speak to somebody - see how long you can look at yourself in the mirror and see if that's the right way to go."

Vinnie Jones and Patrick Gower will be on The Project tonight from 7pm before the series premiere of Tracked at 7.30pm