Bruce Willis' daughter Tallulah Willis reveals they thought his dementia was 'Hollywood hearing loss'

Tallulah Willis has assured fans that her father Bruce Willis still recognises her amid his battle with dementia.

The Die Hard actor's family announced in March 2022 that he had been diagnosed with the language disorder aphasia, and revealed in February this year that he had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

In an essay for Vogue published on Wednesday (US time), Tallulah revealed that she is preparing for the day when Bruce no longer recognises her.

"He still knows who I am and lights up when I enter the room," she stated.

"I keep flipping between the present and the past when I talk about Bruce: he is, he was, he is, he was. That's because I have hopes for my father that I'm so reluctant to let go of."

The 29-year-old revealed that she has been taking "tons of photos" of her dad's house and paying more attention to the details in his home.

"I have every voicemail from him saved on a hard drive. I find that I'm trying to document, to build a record for the day when he isn't there to remind me of him and of us," she added.

Tallulah, the daughter of Bruce and Demi Moore, admitted she had known "something was wrong" with her father "for a long time" before his diagnosis.

"It started out with a kind of vague unresponsiveness, which the family chalked up to Hollywood hearing loss," she explained. "Later that unresponsiveness broadened, and I sometimes took it personally. He had had two babies with my stepmother, Emma Heming Willis, and I thought he'd lost interest in me."

Tallulah confessed that she avoided the signs of the actor's deteriorating health and is "not proud" of being so in denial.

Bruce and Demi also share daughters Rumer, 34, and Scout, 31, while he and his new wife Emma are parents to Mabel, 11, and Evelyn, nine.