Madeleine Sami, Ladyhawke separate after 12 'awesome' years together

Ladyhawke and Madeleine Sami are to split.
Ladyhawke and Madeleine Sami are to split. Photo credit: Getty Images

Deadloch star Madeleine Sami and musician Ladyhawke have revealed they have amicably separated after 12 "awesome" years together.

The 'My Delirium' rocker, real name Pip Brown, announced the news on Instagram on Wednesday before Sami also posted about it around 16 hours later on Thursday afternoon.

Brown has cancelled her upcoming tour of the UK, which had been scheduled for June and July, postponing it until 2024.

In a video she posted online, Brown said the pandemic had been incredibly hard on her and Sami as a married couple.

"I'm not used to having to make this sort of public statement, and it isn't something I do lightly,” she said. "But for personal, and mental health reasons I've made the decision to postpone my UK tour in June and July this year to February 2024.

"I'm so incredibly sorry. The last few years with the pandemic have been so hard, for everyone globally and also for me personally. 

"During these last two years Mads and I decided to separate, and are currently in the middle of that process.

"I had hoped that doing one of the things I love best - playing live for my fans - would help, but after taking everything into consideration I have realised that continuing with the UK tour at this stressful time in my personal life, would be detrimental to my family and mental health. It doesn't feel right to leave my daughter for a tour at this crucial time."

She said she and Sami are still close and that she is devastated for her fans to miss out.

"I'm so gutted about this and hope that you can all respect me, Mads and our family's space while we navigate this tricky path," she wrote.

Sami posted a picture on Instagram of the family together at the 2022 Wairarapa Balloon Festival with a message confirming the split.

"After 12 awesome years together Pip and I decided to go the way of Chris and Gwyneth and consciously uncoupleth," the Super City star said.

"We have a beautiful kid and are committed to making a beautiful life for her together, but apart. I know a lot of you will be feeling sad to see your fifth favourite NZ celesbian couple parting ways but be assured that we remain and will forever be great friends (lesbian law dictates this with an ex) and wish nothing but love and happiness for each other moving forward."

The couple were married in Ladyhawke's hometown of Masterton in 2015 after having lived together in their Los Angeles home.

In October 2017, the couple welcomed a baby girl.