Marlon Wayans refused to check in baggage at airport, booted off flight

Marlon Wayans was kicked off a United Airlines flight in the US.
Marlon Wayans was kicked off a United Airlines flight in the US. Photo credit: Getty Images

Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans was cited for disturbing the peace at Denver International Airport, according to Denver authorities.

Police responded to a reported disturbance Friday afternoon (US time) at a United Airlines gate, according to the Denver Police Department.

The incident involved a United Airlines staff member and Wayans, a police department spokesperson said in a statement.

"A customer who had been told he would have to gate-check his bag instead pushed past a United employee at the jet bridge and attempted to board the aircraft,” United said in an emailed statement to CNN.

The statement added that the customer "(would not) be flying on United to his destination."

The Denver Police Department cited and released Wayans after the incident.

In a series of social media posts, Wayans – who later rebooked a flight via American Airlines, according to one of his Instagram posts – blasted United for his treatment during the incident.

"If this is how (United) treats their first class customers …. I'd rather fly any competitor coach," said Wayans, 50, who said he was scheduled to perform standup comedy shows in Kansas City, Missouri, on Friday.

The incident seemed to begin with a comment to Wayans from an unidentified United staff member who told him he had too many bags, according to Wayans' Instagram post.

"So I complied and consolidated them, (and) he was like, 'oh, now you have to check that bag'," Wayans wrote.

Wayans tweeted an apology to his fans for the missed shows "due to a United gate agent who probably hated White Chicks," the entertainer wrote, referring to a 2004 comedy film starring himself and brother Shawn Wayans.

A spokesperson for the Kansas City Improv Comedy Club told CNN that one of Wayans’ two shows on Friday night was canceled.

In one of his tweets, the actor vowed "not to spend my first-class money on United" for future travel.

"I need answers," Marlon Wayans wrote on Instagram. "This won't stop until I get some apologies and there are changes," he said.

A booking photo for Wayans was unavailable since he was cited and released, according to Denver police.