Netflix US criticised for adding Titanic shortly after five killed in Titanic submersible implosion

Netflix in the US is being sharply criticised for announcing it will start streaming James Cameron's Titanic from July 1, just days after it was revealed five people were killed in the Titan submersible implosion.

The submersible had been heading down to view the wreckage of the Titanic when the tragedy happened and investigations are underway into what caused the catastrophe.

People have taken to social media to express their outrage at Netflix over announcing the film will commence restreaming as part of its July offerings.

"Netflix is overstepping the boundaries of decency on this timing," one commenter said on Twitter.

"People died in a tragic accident at the Titanic site and now to capitalize on the moment to garner viewers is beyond distasteful," another tweet said.

On June 22 (local time), remotely-operated vehicle the Odysseus 6 made it to the depth where the Titanic wreck and discovered debris from the Titan submersible about 1600 feet from it, according to the US Coast Guard. 

The debris was consistent with the disastrous loss of the 22-foot-long vessel’s pressure chamber, the Coast Guard said. The loss would have resulted in an almost instantaneous inward collapse of the vessel, which was under immense pressure in the ocean depths.

As for the Netflix outrage, it is believed the US relicensing Titanic would have happened long before the news of the Titan submersible tragedy had occurred - thus the timing would be coincidental.

In New Zealand, Titanic is not joining the Netflix library in July. It currently streams on Disney Plus.