Sienna Miller let out a 'guttural scream' and 'blacked out' over phone-hacking scandal

Sienna Miller reveals the toll of a phone hacking scandal had on her.
Sienna Miller reveals the toll of a phone hacking scandal had on her. Photo credit: Getty Images

Sienna Miller was left traumatised after an alleged phone-hacking scandal.

In a new BBC documentary, Scandalous: Phone Hacking on Trial, the American Sniper actress opened up about alleged phone hacking in the early 2000s that had affected her so badly, she "blacked out".

The former model said that soon after she found out that she was pregnant, she received a phone call from the British tabloid The Sun to confirm the pregnancy so that they could break the story.

Sienna's then-publicist Ciara Parkes added, "I had to tell Sienna that (the story about the pregnancy) had come out.

"She broke down. She screamed very loudly. It was a guttural scream. I could hear her thumping to the floor."

The Sun agreed not to break the story, however, it then appeared in a US publication and The Sun ultimately covered it.

"I felt somebody must be selling stories," Miller stated.

"And I sat down the five people in our lives who knew, and interrogated them violently. I was under such intense pressure. And said, it has to be one of you, so who is it? And lots of tears and denials."

The actress recalled that she began using her friends' phones to make calls because she was so paranoid.

"I don't think I remember six weeks of my life. I actually don't remember," Miller said.

"I think I was in such a deep state of trauma by that point that I totally blacked out."

The Anatomy of a Scandal actress accepted an undisclosed financial settlement from News Group Newspapers (NGN), The Sun's publisher, in 2021 but NGN made no admission of liability.

The documentary includes stories from other alleged phone hacking victims, including Paul McCartney's ex-wife Heather Mills.