Taylor Swift: Thousands jam Ticketek website in Australia amid rush for Eras Tour tickets

Thousands have rushed to try and secure Taylor Swift tickets in Australia.
Thousands have rushed to try and secure Taylor Swift tickets in Australia. Photo credit: Getty Images

Kiwi and Aussie Taylor Swift fans alike have jammed the Ticketek Australia website as they hunt for tickets for the first pre-sale of the singer's highly anticipated Australian dates.

The 'Anti-Hero' hitmaker is playing five dates in Sydney and Melbourne next February, and while there are currently no plans to play in New Zealand, many Kiwis have been desperate to secure seats.

It was reported more than 800,000 fans were surging to the website in an effort to secure presale tickets.

At around 3.45pm on Wednesday afternoon, Ticketek Australia tweeted that the pre-sale tickets for the Sydney show had sold out, but that some VIP tickets were still on sale. It also advised Swifties more tickets would be up for grabs in the general sale of tickets on Friday.

At 4pm, the Melbourne pre-sale for tickets began, with thousands still hopeful they could secure their place.

However, anger was brewing at the demand for tickets, with some fans expressing displeasure at queueing for tickets without any luck.

"So many people wasted their time today, took time off work, feeling physically stressed and ill. What was the point of people even getting a presale code, when half of the people couldn't even get into the ticket section? If they did they got booted out pretty much at checkout?" one commented on Ticketek Australia's social media post.

"Your queuing system sucks, tell us where we are in queue and honour it. Don't leave hundreds maybe thousands in queue for hours if someone joins in three hours late and gets tickets straight away," another tweeted.

There are more specific complaints about the wait to get to the ticket sales once in the 'Lounge' area of the Ticketek website, with many saying they've been logged on for hours.

"The Lounge page will refresh itself automatically. As fans complete their purchase more fans will be let though. Tickets are still available! Please be patient and don't refresh your browser," Ticketek Australia said to fans in an online message.

However the pleas have mainly irritated Swifties desperate to secure their tickets.

"I've been logged in since early this morning please," one pleaded on Twitter.

"Will there be any tickets left for general sale," another asked.

It's believed the shows in Australia will only offer some 250,000 fans the chance to see Swift, with many likely to be left out in the cold after the pre-sales today and general sales later this week.

Ticketek remained confident most fans wouldn't miss out, posting a message online, urging them to be "patient."

"Customers are successfully purchasing. Please be patient and don't refresh your browser," the statement said. 

"Lots of Swifties are looking to make their Wildest Dreams come true by securing Taylor Swift tickets right now.

"The Ticketek site is working and fans are successfully purchasing tickets," it said.

In November last year, US Taylor Swift fans also caused the Ticketmaster site to crash amid demand for her first tour in five years.

They caused periodic outages and long online waits that often ended in disappointment.

The US ticket-selling site told fans at the time, it had been experiencing "intermittent issues" that the company was "urgently" working to resolve.

Later, Ticketmaster tweeted that there had been "historically unprecedented demand" from millions of people for Swift's The Eras Tour, her first since 2018.