Watch: Accidental sexual innuendo leaves MP Michael Wood jokingly clarifying relationship with Chris Hipkins

An accidental sexual innuendo live on air saw Labour's Michael Wood, National's Erica Stanford and Ryan Bridge in stitches.

The trio exploded in laughter after an awkward and unintentional comment forced Wood to jokingly clarify his relationship with the Prime Minister.

During Wood and Stanford's weekly segment on AM, the pair addressed the elephant in the room - Wood's airport shares debacle. 

Wood expressed his regret over his actions to AM co-host Ryan Bridge but when the floor opened up for Stanford to comment, the topic of discussion took a different turn. 

"It's really important that the Prime Minister has trust in his ministers because in the end, the ministers serve at the pleasure of the Prime Minister and, actually, of late the Prime Minister has not been placed in a pleasurable position - certainly by Michael," she said.

The accidental innuendo sparked an eruption of laughter on television.

"That didn't quite come out as I expected it to," Stanford said between laughter.

Wood quickly cleared the air.

"We have a good and close collegial relationship, but we've never gone quite that far," Wood jokingly said.

"Glad we cleared that up," Stanford replied.

The accidental innuendo sparked an eruption of laughter on television.
The accidental innuendo sparked an eruption of laughter on television. Photo credit: AM

The former Transport Minister was stripped of his role while the conflict was resolved surrounding his airport shares. 

Wood was asked 12 times over two-and-a-half years by Cabinet Office to divest his shares, he also didn't initially declare the shares on Parliament's pecuniary interests register.

Visibly emotional, Wood told AM earlier in the show what went wrong.

"For me being in politics is a real calling and politics is about making life better for people, and so this episode arising, and giving an impression that it might be about other stuff is something that really cuts to the core for me," he said.

"I feel terrible about it."

Wood compared the lack of urgency to selling the shares to a job that needs to be done around your home and "you know you've gotta do it" but other things get in the way. 

He has since sold his shares, worth more than $16,000, and donated the money to charity.