Kevin Costner slams estranged wife's 'ludicrous' child support request

Kevin Costner's divorce battle is getting nasty.
Kevin Costner's divorce battle is getting nasty. Photo credit: Getty Images

Kevin Costner has responded to his estranged wife's request for child support payments.

According to court documents obtained by People, the Yellowstone star filed documents in the Superior Court of California to oppose his ex's request for US$248,000 per month in child support.

Calling the request "highly inflated and unsubstantiated", the legal papers suggested that the "guideline monthly child support based on Kevin's gross cash flow available for support is $123,620".

Kevin also insisted, "Providing the minor children with more than bare necessities does not require providing ludicrous extravagance designed to primarily benefit the supported parent."

The actor's legal team also accused Christine of accounting for 60 per cent of her own personal expenses using their children.

"The children do not use the services of private trainers, only Christine does. The plastic surgery expenses of $188,500 per month belong to Christine - not the children," the documents continued.

"Christine should know which credit-card expenses were for her and which were for the children, but not even a minimal effort is made to allocate them accurately."

Christine and Kevin share three children together: 16-year-old Cayden, 14-year-old Hayes, and 13-year-old Grace.

The former handbag designer filed for divorce from Kevin in May after 18 years of marriage.