Kevin Spacey acquitted of all sex offence charges

Kevin Spacey has been cleared of all sex offence charges following a trial in the UK.

On Wednesday, the jury delivered its verdict at Southwark Crown Court in London and announced that they had found the House of Cards actor not guilty on all nine sexual offence charges.

The actor, who turned 64 on Wednesday, broke down in tears as the verdict was read out. According to BBC News, he hugged his manager and legal team and thanked the court staff.

Justice Mark Wall, who presided over the case, told the court the jury had deliberated for 12 hours and 26 minutes.

The jury began its deliberations on Monday following the trial, during which the Oscar-winning actor took to the stand to defend himself. High-profile celebrities including Elton John and his husband David Furnish also appeared as witnesses for the defence.

Spacey was originally accused on 12 charges but three of the initial counts were struck off. The remaining nine charges included seven of sexual assault as well as causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent and causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity.

The charges related to four men and incidents that allegedly occurred between 2001 and 2013.

Speaking to ZEITmagazin before the trial, the American Beauty actor expressed confidence that he would be victorious and claimed he had colleagues who were ready to "move forward" with his career.

"I know that there are people right now who are ready to hire me the moment I am cleared of these charges in London," he told the German newspaper. "The second that happens, they're ready to move forward."

The verdict is another victory for Spacey, who was found not liable of sexual battery against Anthony Rapp in New York in October 2022.