Kyle Sandilands spent over $550,000 on his European honeymoon

Kyle Sandilands has had his honeymoon costs revealed.
Kyle Sandilands has had his honeymoon costs revealed. Photo credit: Facebook

Australian breakfast radio host Kyle Sandilands has been left shocked but defiant at how much he spent on his recent European honeymoon to wife Tegan Kynaston, costs that were revealed on-air by his co-host.

Sandilands had returned to the Australian airwaves after a three-week holiday in the south of France and Barcelona when his co-host, Jackie O, decided to reveal just how much he'd spent during his time abroad.

Brandishing his credit card statement, given to her by his manager Bruno Bouchet, she said, "I can't believe the amount of money you've spent on certain things," before going on to disclose all of the sordid details.

"Well, what are we dealing with here? Now I'm getting nervous," Sandilands said before adding: "I never really look at the credit card expenses, ever."

Jackie O went on to tell listeners that Sandilands had spent AU$513,430 (NZ$554,352) in total, including AU$205,000 on accommodation alone.

The villa he rented in St Tropez cost $155,000 for a two-week stay, and a four-night stay in Barcelona cost him $50,000.

Initially, Sandilands had paid $35,000 for air travel to Europe, prompting his co-host to say she was "impressed."

"I was actually quite impressed, whoever got your airfares got them a little bit cheaper than I got them for and you were in first [class]," she said. Both hosts had flown to France to broadcast the show live from Europe.

However, that admiration soon evaporated when she revealed he'd spent a whopping $80,000 using his private jet to hop around Europe. He'd used it to fly between St Tropez and Paris, 90 minute journeys which would have only cost around $150 each way.

"When you could've jumped on a normal domestic flight which would've cost nothing, 80 grand it's cost you," Jackie O said in shock, adding: "That's excessive, wouldn't you say?"

"Fly private, there's no better way in all honesty," Sandilands responded to her.

Additional transport costs included a round-the-clock driver, who was hired "in case someone wanted to go somewhere" - that cost Sandilands $25,000.

Sandilands also spent around $3500 on travel insurance and $7500 to get a fellow colleague to St Tropez on short notice.

However, it was the food costs which stunned listeners.

He'd spent $60,000 on food, including food for the crews - and had tipped wait staff some $20,000 alongside it.

"I tip huge, and I don't know why," Sandilands said, defending himself - acknowledging he realised now that France wasn't generally a tipping country.

"It’s always the cost of the food or half the cost of the food, I tip well. I tip everywhere, here, there, everywhere."

Alcohol notched up a $12,650 bill, and to complement the beverages, $5750 was spent on cigarettes and vapes.

Perhaps the worst offender on the expense list was a $6000 trip to the casino - which saw the radio host lose everything.

When asked if it was worth it, Sandilands said, "You can't replace those memories," before admitting he slept most of the time he was abroad and that he had been "so high", he couldn't remember a lot of it.