Marvel's Spider-Man 2 reveals more Venom, sets out story in new trailer

Insomniac Games have revealed more of the storyline for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which is due to release exclusively on PlayStation 5 on October 20.

The story trailer was released as part of the studio's appearance at the San Diego Comic-Convention in the US.

The game will see Peter Parker's Spider-Man team up with his younger Spider counterpart, Miles Morales, to fight the threat of Venom and also the feared Kraven the Hunter, who arrives in New York.

Harry Osbourn also appeared in the trailer too, hinting at the fact he survived the end of the last game - and has shaken off the alien symbiote seemingly keeping him alive at the end of Marvel's Spider-Man.

The trailer also revealed more of Spider-Man's iconic Black Suit and showed off how the merging of Peter Parker and the alien symbiote has affected his personality, as well as the relationships between Morales, Osbourn and Peter's on-off girlfriend, MJ.

It also gave a glimpse into the expanded Marvel's New York, with players now able to swing across the East River and explore Brooklyn and Queens. The iconic Coney Island also makes its debut in the new trailer. 

Fans have already embraced the trailer and the deeper look at Venom.

"I seriously need to get a job to buy a PS5," one wrote on Twitter.

"Looks awesome," another said.

Last month, Insomniac Games' game director Ryan Smith told Newshub it's vitally important any sequel "stays true to our franchise".

"We want to make sure that the Spider-Man that we have built from the original Spider-Man game, and also Miles Morales [are the same]. So that you're going to feel that and that you're going to love fighting as Peter and fighting as Miles and are going to love traversing our open world. 

"But then we want to evolve that. We want to grow that and grow it in really positive and exciting ways. We're always adding on really rewarding, fun things while keeping true to our franchise core and heart."

The panel at Hall H also showed off the limited edition Spider-Man 2 PlayStation 5 console with its black and red controller, indicating the conflict between Spider-Man and his Venom enemy.

Pre-orders for the limited edition console bundle begin on July 28 - the PlayStation game is already available for pre-order.