Why Coco Reo Māori is being released in time for Matariki

The latest Walt Disney film to be redone in te reo Māori will be released in time for Matariki.

Coco Reo Māori is in cinemas from Thursday, July 13 and Troy Kingi, who plays Hector in the redone animated version of the film, told The Project it's appropriate a story that celebrates the dead and honours their memories should be released in time for Matariki.

"What better way to celebrate it," he told The Project. "The theme of the movie celebrates acknowledging those who've passed on."

He also revealed his take on the film had received the highest accolade possible - the approval of his children.

"It's one of their favourite Disney films," he said of his kids, who attended the Auckland premiere of the movie on Monday. 

"I think I've done my job."

Coco Reo Māori adds to the collection of animated films from Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios developed in the Māori language by Matewa Media directors, Tweedie Waititi and Chelsea Winstanley.

Previous films have included Moana Reo Māori, which was released in cinemas in 2017, and The Lion King Reo Māori and Frozen Reo Māori, which both hit cinemas in 2022.

Watch the video above.