Adele does on-stage gender reveal for fans, ends up losing it and crying uncontrollably

Pop star Adele was caught on camera getting "so emotional" during a couple's gender reveal during a show at her Las Vegas residency.

Video on social media showed the 'Rolling in the Deep' singer sobbing after helping the young couple who had smuggled a sign into her Caesar's Palace performance.

Chris Dare and Shantelle Lord had wanted the singer to announce the sex of their baby on stage and had gotten her attention by waving the sign aloft.

The couple, who are New Yorkers, had hoisted aloft a sign reading: "Adele will you do our gender reveal?"

After telling them off for bringing in a sign, Adele confessed she was "just obsessed that you got one in" before taking a note from the couple that she said was "like from a doctor".

In front of the packed crowd, she asked: "Is there anything you'd like me to say? Have you got someone filming this?"

Lord told Adele she was "just honoured" that she was going to do the reveal before Adele ripped open the doctor's note.

"Shantelle and Chris are having a baby... boy!" she shouted, to cheers from the audience.

Seconds later, after hugging the pair, the singer burst into tears and apologised for getting "so emotional".

"If and when I get pregnant, will you do my gender reveal? At the shower, I'll have you back and you can do it," Adele asked the pair.

Dare uploaded the footage to TikTok where fans shared their admiration for the 'Hello' singer.

"I love that you both had to comfort ADELE after this," one said.

"OMG Adele is so pure! The way she started bawling love her for this," another commented.