Don McGlashan to be inducted into NZ Music Hall of Fame

The Mutton Birds singer Don McGlashan will be inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame at this year's 2023 APRA Silver Scroll Awards.

The honour will celebrate his work as a songwriter, composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist.

He will be inducted on Wednesday, October 4 at Auckland's Spark Arena.

In a video released by the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame, McGlashan said he was "something I never would have dreamed of growing up".

"I feel really humbled and really privileged to have just heard that I'm going to be inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame. Just to share that Hall of Fame with all the people back in New Zealand music history and current musicians, friends and colleagues that I've got, feels like something I never would have dreamed of growing up."

The star also said he had never believed his music would have sustained him.

"I never really thought that this would be a career. I never really thought that I would have a career in music, I always imagined I'd do this for a while and then do something else that would feed the kids and not be so hand to mouth."

The Mutton Birds released four NZ top ten albums and achieved multiple awards, including Album of the Year at the NZ Music Awards, and an APRA Silver Scroll Award in 1994 for their iconic song 'Anchor Me'.

McGlashan has also done work for some of Aotearoa's most iconic films including An Angel At My Table, Dean Spanley, and No.2

No.2 spawned the hit song 'Bathe in the River', which was written specifically for the film.