Francis and Kaiora Tipene of The Casketeers welcome baby girl to their whānau

The Casketeers have welcomed a girl to their family of boys.
The Casketeers have welcomed a girl to their family of boys. Photo credit: Facebook - The Casketeers

Francis and Kaiora Tipene of TV show The Casketeers have revealed they have had a baby girl, born five weeks earlier than planned.

In a social media post, the Tipenes said: "Kua tae mai te pirinihi!" which means "the princess has arrived."

The baby girl has been named Ngawaiata Irirangi Taimania Tipene.

"Congratulations Francis and Kaiora on the arrival of their little princess, Ngawaiata Irirangi Taimania Tipene. Nau mai ki te Ao Tūroa nei e te pēpē," they wrote on Facebook.

The couple already has six boys in their family.

In a post on Instagram, Kaiora revealed she was "in love again."

"In love again - someone came a lil early," she shared with pictures of the family holding the baby girl.

In April, Francis told publication Women's Weekly the pair had been trying for a while to have a sixth child without any success.

However, he revealed that during a family holiday to the Far North, they'd managed to conceive.

"We needed to go home to our whenua [land] and our whānau for this to happen," he said at the time.

"I don't want to be like a rude dude – we all know how children are made – but it's really spiritual and it's meaningful for us."