Kim Kardashian worried something 'clearly isn't right' with Kanye West - report

Kim Kardashian is worried about Kanye West and Bianca Censorii's behaviour affecting their kids.
Kim Kardashian is worried about Kanye West and Bianca Censorii's behaviour affecting their kids. Photo credit: Getty / Instagram

Kim Kardashian is reportedly "desperately embarrassed and worried" about her ex-husband Kanye West's behaviour while holidaying in Italy with his new wife Bianca Censori.

A source has told The Sun newspaper the reality TV star thinks something "clearly isn't right" with West after he was seen semi-naked and baring his buttocks while on a cruise boat in Italy.

"Kim doesn't know how she will explain it all to the kids," the source said.

"Kim's been so worried about the new pics that have come out with Bianca - like, how will she explain it all to the kids?

"She's embarrassed and worried for him - he's wandering around barefoot with champagne in the street. Something clearly isn't right."

West and Censori have been pictured by paparazzi in various stages of undress while on the streets amid claims they could face penalties for doing so under the terms of local laws.

Paparazzi pictures have shown Censori wearing skin-tight nearly nude outfits in the streets.

Authorities in Italy have clamped down over the past few years on what they view as antisocial behaviour by tourists, with some being fined up to NZ$366 for taking pictures of their exposed behinds in public.

The source also claimed the photos out of Italy were causing ongoing problems for Kardashian, who's previously spoken out about the mental health impact of West's erratic behaviour.

"It's hard for [Kim] because as soon as she thinks she can move on, something like this happens and she's pulled back into it," they said.

"It's like every time Kanye and Bianca pull these nearly-naked stunts, it reminds everyone that Kim dressed up in skintight nude outfits during the marriage. She'd rather put it behind her and forget about it."

Kardashian was married to the 'Jesus Walks' rapper from 2014 until 2022 and they co-parent four children.