New 'really hot' Purple Wiggle John Pearce gets The Project host Kanoa Lloyd flustered

The Project NZ host Kanoa Lloyd was lost for words when discussing "really hot Wiggle" John Pearce, who is in New Zealand with the hit Australian band on a nationwide tour.

During an interview with Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and his 18-year-old daughter Lucia, Kanoa became flustered when revealing there had been "talk around the office" about John, who wears purple along with Lachlan.

"It has come to my attention that there is a really hot Wiggle," Kanoa said before a picture of John flashed up on screen.

"Was that like, erm - I mean c'mon!" she stuttered before composing herself and asking: "Was this a deliberate way to get more adult women to the shows?"

Anthony told The Project hosts that John used to be a member of Australian pop group Justice Crew.

"He lived round the corner from us and was in a group called Justice Crew. We'd meet at the pizza shop, we'd always talk," he said.

"He's a really lovely guy. Despite his good looks, his muscles, there is no ego."

However, Anthony also went further and revealed Lucia lost her cool when they first met.

"The first time he came into the Wiggles, Lucia couldn't speak," he said, prompting howls of embarrassment from her.

Watch The Project video above.