Olivia Newton-John's husband and daughter say she's visited them as 'blue orb' since dying

According to her daughter Chloe Lattanzi, the late Olivia Newton-John believed in the paranormal and made her a promise before she died one year ago at the age of 73 following a battle with cancer.

"Mom and I had talked years back," Lattanzi told People in an article published on Tuesday. "We'd watch these paranormal shows, and I'd say, ‘You gotta show up for me.'

"And she was like, ‘I'll show up as one of those orb things.'"

Her mother was true to her word, she said.

"Two weeks after she passed my phone accidentally took a picture of my dog, and there floating by his head was a little blue orb, the same color as this," Lattanzi told the publication, touching an aquamarine pendant necklace her stepdad, John Easterling, had given Newton-John who in turn gifted to her daughter before she died.

Easterling said he too has had a similar experience.

He told People he visited Peru two months ago with his wife's ashes to hold a private ceremony at the spot where they had gotten married, in honor of what would have been their 15th wedding anniversary.

"I took a picture, and this blue orb is right between my eyes," he said. "It's been a supernatural year."

Newton-John had survived bouts of breast cancer in the 1990s and 2017 before revealing in 2018 that she was being treated for cancer at the base of her spine.