The Traitors NZ: Robbie Bell says treachery made her feel 'horrible', like being on 'a bad dating app'

Warning - this story contains spoilers for episode four of The Traitors NZ.

The latest evictee from The Traitors NZ says being on the show was like being on "a bad dating app".

Robbie Bell fell foul of the group vote on Tuesday night's episode after she winked at fellow Traitor Dan Sing and the remaining players cottoned on to the fact she was playing a game and lying to them.

Speaking on AM on Wednesday morning, Bell said she figured she was going out and "kind of figured I wanted to go to the dark side for a day".

"Traitor is such a treacherous word," she said.

"You actually feel quite horrible and evil. It's not natural.

"You stand at the bar, you have a gin with someone, you connect - you turn your back, they're having a gin with someone else and connecting with them and you feel shitty, you've been ditched."

Watch the full video above.

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