AM's Ryan Bridge loses it after NZ First's Shane Jones calls David Seymour's bus the 'stinky pinky'

  • 26/09/2023

Shane Jones' creative nickname for David Seymour's infamous pink bus has sent AM co-host Ryan Bridge into a fit of laughter.

Appearing on AM on Tuesday, the NZ First candidate made the remarks when he was asked about his leader Winston Peters' relationship with ACT's Seymour.

"I was surprised that even myself here in Kerikeri was able to call over 200 people to a public meeting – more than David Seymour," Jones said.

"Look, I haven't seen the stinky pinky bus in the north and I don't think very many people are wanting to hop on that bus any longer."

Bridge immediately burst into laughter, telling Jones he has no more questions.

"The stinky pinky… That's disgusting," Bridge laughed.

In September, Seymour unveiled a bright-pink campaign bus he calls "Big Pinky". ACT candidates will be riding around the country on "Big Pinky" as part of the party's The Road to Real Change tour.

Watch the moment above.