Why John Wick spinoff The Continental's biggest stars are the action director and costume designer

Here's a question for any would-be Hollywood directors: your movie finishes with a 58-minute long fight sequence, so how do you make sure the fighting doesn't get a bit repetitive? And how do you make sure the actors' outfits last the distance?

This is why in the new John Wick TV series, The Continental, the biggest stars really are the action director and costume designer.

It's time to check back in to the world of John Wick with The Continental. The new show turns back the clock to the hellscape of 1970s New York City.

It's based around the iconic hitman hotel that serves as a safe haven for the world's elite assassins.

"For every movie I've made, I haven't watched it after the premiere, never again in my life. This one I'm still watching it, because I can't believe the stuff we pulled off for the budget we had," said executive producer Basil Iwanyk.

The mini-series packs three 90-minute blockbuster punches - with plenty of blood and brutality, gore and grit, and danger and death packed in too.

"We turned many things into weapons, garbage disposals, irons, yeah, we had fun with that. I looked for anything you wouldn't think of using," said action director Larnell Stovall.

You can't risk a shortage of weapons when there is a 58-minute-long fight scene in the final act.

"It is a monster of monsters, but when you ride the journey of these characters, there has to be a payoff," Stovall said.

"We wanted to make sure we went out with a bang, and we did."

Mel Gibson leads the cast of colourful assassins whose costumes are unceremoniously destroyed in violent scenes - or stretched to their limits in stunts - creating an endless headache for those creating them.

"You don't want the first bit of action, a sleeve ripping or a trouser-crotch splitting, so wherever there is action we have a lot of duplicates," said costume designer Sarah Arthur.

The executive producers are hopeful the spinoff will lead to a second season.

"I'm hoping people go 'god that was a blast'," Iwanyk said.

"'They've pulled it off'," added executive producer Erica Lee.

 They're counting on you to enjoy your stay at The Continental.