Billie Eilish shocks fans with massive back tattoo in topless photo

Billie Eilish has left fans shocked with her new ink.
Billie Eilish has left fans shocked with her new ink. Photo credit: Vogue / Instagram

Billie Eilish has shocked fans with a topless photo showing off a massive new back tattoo.

She posted the image on Instagram as part of a series of photos which showed her lying face down with her bare back and the design still smeared from the process.

Many fans have asked what the ink, which goes from the top of her neck to the bottom of her back, is supposed to represent.

"Tattoo reveal OMFG," one wrote on the Instagram post.

"OMG I'm falling," another said, while another simply remarked: "That tattoo."

"This is incredible," another added. "It looks absolutely killer."

Eilish herself has not commented on the image of the tattoo or her followers' comments.

However, one fan said they thought it was not the real thing.

"It looks more like henna," they said.

Earlier this year the 'Bad Girl' singer showed her chest tattoo even though she had vowed her fans wouldn't "ever see" the ink in real life.