Fears All Blacks fans could bring bed bug infestation home from Paris

The city of Paris is overrun with bed bugs. 

Seven schools in France have closed their doors because of the infestation.

And the bad news is they travel. So, what does that mean for all those Kiwis coming back home from the Rugby World Cup? 

"This is a public health issue for some people rather than a biosecurity issue. Pest control companies are used to eliminate infestation," Biosecurity NZ said in a statement to The Project. 

What are bed bugs, what do they want and why are they trying to get between our sheets? 

Debug Nelson's Shane Warland said there are two main reasons he hates beg bugs. 

"One, they're a very hard little critter to eradicate and two, they like to hitchhike around the world," Warland said. 

"They just like to travel round and annoy people, and make people's lives a misery." 

When asked by The Project if there's something about France the bugs like, Warland said: "Maybe the food, I don't know", much to the amusement of the audience.  

"It's the body heat and Co2 that you breathe out that attracts them, so the more people you have in one area the more chance you've got of a bed bug infestation." 

Warland has advice for people heading to France for the back end of the Rugby World Cup. 

"I'd take a big garbage bag with me and I'd put my suitcase in that when I got into a hotel room, pull your sheets back and check around the seams of the mattress - especially close to the wall," he said. 

"If you see any movement then you'll know there's bed bugs or certainly on the sheets you'll see a bit of beg bug poo which is a bit of black spots here and there." 

Warland advised people not to put their suitcase on the ground and, instead, put it in the bathroom where it's colder. 

But what should people do if they are exposed? 

"One of the things you can do is take off all of your clothes and put them into a hot wash, 60C, and into the dryer," Warland explained. 

He said those with bed bugs in their mattress should use a steamer since it's "one of the best thing to do". 

"You don't know until it becomes an infestation, because you don't notice them until they are out of control. 

"Have a good night and don't let the beg bugs bite," he concluded.