Guy Williams gets 'Māori bomb scare' guy to reflect on viral 'dots' video 13 years on

The Otahuhu resident featured in a 3 News video claiming he was "sitting at home having some dots" when he needed to be evacuated during a bomb scare says he is "proud" of how the video became a viral hit.

Speaking on the latest episode of Guy Williams' podcast New Zealand Today, Āpirana Poki said he had "been trying to hide away" from Williams, who professed to being a big fan of the original video from 2010.

In the original clip, Poki said he was smoking cannabis when the bomb scare happened and as a result had been "tripping" when police knocked on his door, urging him to evacuate.

"The police came up and knocked on my door, told me that I have to evacuate, just cause they reckon it's a bomb threat around the place," Poki said.

"I just tripped eh. I was like 'Whoa, shit! Must be just happening overseas or something'. Looks pretty serious, there's heaps of cops here and that... pretty trippy stuff eh."

When asked by Williams if he had been aware how popular the original video had been, Poki said: "I thought this video was a joke eh. It was just me in a house."

However, he confessed he was "proud of it" before going on to reveal he thought the knocking on the door was a "joke".

"I thought it was a joke, [I thought] someone had prank called me."

Williams told him he'd enjoyed the original video but had not known what "dots" were.

'Dots' or 'spots' are slang terms used by New Zealand cannabis enthusiasts that refer to a method of consuming marijuana. It involves rolling pieces of the plant into small balls before vaporising them with hot knives.

"I didn't even know what dots were," Williams said.

"Nah a lot of people didn't eh, heaps of people," Poki said.