'I don't know him': Christopher Luxon shrugs off Elon Musk's well wishes

Christopher Luxon has not replied to Elon Musk's message on X (formerly Twitter) celebrating his win in the 2023 New Zealand general election.

He hasn't even clicked 'like' on the post.

And when asked about the message by Ryan Bridge on Monday morning, Luxon said he doesn't "know" Musk - similar to his claim of not knowing Winston Peters in the Newshub Leaders Debate, and also similar to Mariah Carey infamously saying she doesn't "know" Jennifer Lopez.

Musk, a controversial public figure, is currently the richest person on the planet with a net worth said by Forbes to be US$253.2 billion.

The X owner replied to a post from Luxon about his election win saying: "Congratulations and thank goodness!"

Luxon tweeted his original message at 11:42pm on Saturday night before Musk responded at 5:52pm on Sunday. As of Monday afternoon, Luxon has not replied to or liked Musk's post.

"Elon Musk has congratulated you on your win and said 'thank goodness'. What do you think you meant by that?" AM host Bridge asked Luxon on Monday morning.

"I'm not sure, I don't know him actually," Luxon replied.

"So um, I haven't met him. But yeah, we've had congratulations from lots of people, which has been great."

The conversation then turned to Luxon's wife and her exercise regime.

Meanwhile on X, hundreds of people have commented on Musk's post, some echoing the sentiments of popular right-wing conspiracy theories.

"One less seat of government controlled by the WEF [World Economic Forum]. We're making progress," said one highly ranked reply.

"You know it, Elon. Millions of us are relieved, but we're not safe from the globalists by any stretch," said another.

"Agreed, woke governments achieve nothing. Take note Australia," added another, while a fourth stated: "I hope he will give people guns back."

Before Musk bought Twitter and rebranded it X, the platform had worked with former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's Christchurch Call - an effort to reduce extremists using social media platforms for things like livestreaming acts of terrorism and propagating hateful doctrines.

Musk has vastly reduced moderation on the platform. In the last week, the European Union launched an investigation into X over the spread of disinformation and violent content about the Israel-Hamas conflict.