Netflix may raise prices following actors' strike - report

Netflix is reportedly looking at raising prices for its ad-free streaming service after the current actors' strike ends.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is discussing raising prices in several markets globally, but would start with the US and Canada.

Details of when the steeper costs would take effect or how much they will raise by were not revealed - and Netflix has refused to comment to the publication

Talks between the SAG-AFTRA actors' union and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents the studios, are currently ongoing. One of the issues central to negotiations was residuals, specifically the payments that performers receive for repeat showings of TV and films across streaming services. 

The Basic with Ads service does not currently operate in New Zealand but Netflix has been under pressure to increase profits after some subscribers cancelled their accounts when the company stopped allowing people to share logins.

In February, it announced a crackdown on New Zealand users who were sharing accounts, saying a Netflix account "is intended for one household".

"We know there's been a lot of confusion about sharing Netflix," it said at the time.  

"A Netflix account is intended for one household, so we're rolling out new features in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain (and more broadly in the coming months) to give you more control over your account."

The company subsequently offered an option to pay to share logins, resulting in a drop in subscriber numbers and sending its stock tumbling.

However, in the months since it was initially introduced, Netflix said globally it had gained 5.9 million new subscribers.