Peter Jackson to feature in the 35th season of American series The Simpsons

One writer and producer of The Simpsons has revealed that a well-known Kiwi star will be appearing in the upcoming season. 

One of New Zealand's most loved filmmakers, Sir Peter Jackson, will be appearing in the next season of the much-loved and popular television series - known by many through his film series The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy.

The Simpsons has solidified its place in pop culture around the world over the last 33 years.

Since its 1989 debut, the show has become the longest-running American animated series ever - and now heading into its 35th season.

Showrunner and executive producer Matt Selman has become part of the hit show for 26 seasons and is the writer behind some of the series' most classic episodes.

He's been enjoying a break in New Zealand after the writers' strike brought production to a halt.

Selman spoke with The Project hosts on Wednesday night, to share the exciting news.

"This is breaking news, my friends, even bigger than your election which is already making me nervous - and which I know nothing about," he laughed.

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