Sam Neill issues plea for fans to 'stop worrying' after revealing cancer drug will one day fail

Sam Neill has urged friends and fans to "stop worrying" after he revealed in a recent interview that his ongoing treatment for blood cancer will one day fail. 

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon after the interview with ABC's Australia Story went to air, Neill attempted to reassure fans it was "nothing to worry about." 

"It's a beautiful day," he said while sat on a veranda in Queensland, Australia. 

"They showed Australia Story last night and I made a passing remark that the treatment I'm on, which has me in remission, will inevitably fail one day - that's what happens, it's nothing to worry about. 

"I'm in remission, I plan to be in remission for many years to come so I can bore you all to death with lots more work," he joked. 

He noted that even though the day would come when the drugs would prove ineffective in treating his stage 3 blood cancer, there would likely be further options to explore. 

"At such time as it does fail, we'll try something else - there's all sorts of things that are happening with cancer these days, so please stop worrying! 

"I'm getting a lot of messages - sorry to worry everybody, it's all good, it's all fine," he said, before revealing he was about to go to work filming for the day. 

The New Zealand actor was first diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin blood cancer in March 2022 but has been in remission for 12 months, requiring infusions every two weeks indefinitely.  

However, the 76-year-old told Australian Story he was not "remotely afraid" of dying from the cancer.  

"I know I've got it, but I'm not really interested in it," he said. "It's out of my control. If you can't control it, don't get into it."