Topp Twins say Christchurch hospital food was 'like cat sick' while Lynda was getting cancer treatment

The Topp Twins say Christchurch's hospital food looked "like cat sick" while Lynda was receiving treatment for her breast cancer.

The pair, who have just launched their memoir Untouchable Girls - the Topp Twins story, told The Project NZ humour helped get them through their cancer journey.

"COVID-19 really killed our career and cancer kicked it into space," Dame Jools told the Project's hosts.

"It was good because if we'd still been singing we'd never have had time to write the book."

When asked how the pair were doing as they continued to fight breast cancer, Dame Lynda said they were "both pretty good", but revealed Jools "has to get injections in her butt every three weeks."

"There's lots of things in hospital that are funny," Jools said.

"Lynda's food in Christchurch hospital, it looked like cat sick. What's really interesting about that is they're just trying to get you out of there as quick as you can and the food makes you want to leave."

Watch the interview above.