Tributes flow for Friends star Matthew Perry after reports of his death

Thousands of tributes for Friends actor Matthew Perry have flooded in through social media after reports of his death. 

TMZ revealed that the actor was found on Saturday at his LA home where it appeared he had drowned in a spa pool. 

Law enforcement sources reported that emergency services had received a call to the property for a person suffering cardiac arrest. 

Perry, 54, was reportedly found dead at the residence, with sources adding that there were no drugs found at the scene and no foul play involved. 

Perry was best known for playing Chandler Bing on Friends for a decade.

Several fans have since taken to Twitter/X to pay tribute to the well-loved TV star and reflect on his performance.

"I'm literally crying, I have no words," one man said. 

"Rest in peace to the man who played one of my favourite characters ever," one woman said. 

"Matthew Perry was able to put a smile on my face when no one else could and I'll remember his impact he had on me and his legacy forever."

One woman said she remembers "falling in love" with Bing after watching Friends for the first time. 

"I'm beyond distraught, Matthew Perry was too young," she said. "This is heartbreaking." 

Others described him as a "comfort character" and someone who "always wanted to make the audience laugh". 

"We were always his first thought, and for that I will always love you," one person said. "I know I didn't know you personally, but you made me so happy." 

Several people agreed it wouldn't be the same when they next turn on the series. 

"Watching Friends will never be the same," one person said. "Your Friends will definitely miss you." 

"I was literally named after this guy. Rest in peace, man," another said. 

Others discussed how sad it would be to not see the Friends cast as a whole, ever again. 

"To think we won't ever be able to see them all together again is beyond heartbreaking," one person said. 

"This is really sad, they were a family on set and they must be heartbroken," another said. 

"So sad to see one of the six gone, rest in peace," a third added. "You were my favourite."